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The Museums of Europe Network is the brainchild of the Museum of Europe.

It has been inspired by the wish expressed in various European countries to put a European stamp on existing or future museological projects.

This network, whose coordination is in the hands of European Council of Museums of History, is currently being enlarged. The network has set itself the aim of nurturing international cooperation with regard to the collections of the Museums of Europe. A draft charter has been drawn up according to the following principle: 

"The Museums of Europe together form the great Museum of Europe".

The members undertake to coordinate their acquisition policies by defining their respective priority fields and by avoiding any competition. The charter also lays down a framework for cultural cooperation (networking of the documentation, cyber-exhibitions, etc.)

But the lynchpin of the charter is the desire of the signatory museums to consider their collections as common property, at the disposal of their partners, subject to any specific legal and physical conditions, and to hence draw up a short or medium term lending policy for the collections that they are not currently exhibiting, whose complementary nature means that they can be usefully incorporated into other collections.

The members of the Network of the Museums of Europe are automatically members of the scientific committee of the Network.
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