Brussels europe 2007
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Going back almost ten years, the Museum of Europe was still only a project that had germinated in the minds of a small group of historians and cultural promoters from civil society. Their aim was to take Europeans back to the roots of their shared civilisation.

The major exhibition marking the fiftieth anniversary of the Treaties of Rome, which is opening its doors on the 26th of October 2007, will serve as the foundation for the permanent collection of the Museum. Located in the city of Brussels, headquarters of the European institutions, it will be the “place of memory” that Europe needs. This is where the permanent collection and the temporary exhibitions will offer all Europeans (and their guests) a reasoned history of a Union portrayed as a diverse but unique civilisation.

A Brussels-based Museum of Europe is however, in our minds, only an island in an archipelago of museums scattered throughout Europe. The Network of Museums of Europe, which we have promoted since the birth of the project, is today up and running.
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